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Finding your voice is fun and commercially important. Win win.

Have you reviewed your company’s ‘about us’ page recently? Does it communicate what sets you apart or is it filled with clutter and mixed messages? Whether it’s your website or your company’s annual report, or even an employee trying to explain just what it is that you do, you need to ensure messages have meaning. Getting messages right can set you apart from your competitors and define what you stand for.

Our Blueprint tone of voice workshop is designed to help you question what you are and define your company values. As part of this process we:

  • assess your business, brand, marketplace, competition and audiences; and
  • challenge and define the positioning and current value of your business.

Defining your messages will take you back to basics with your brand communications. What makes your brand tick? What does it stand for? What doesn’t it stand for? It’s a fun and enlightening journey, although it can be challenging as well.

It may be that you’re a business with a 25-year heritage – like us. However it’s probably more important than ever to revisit your messages and ensure you’re still on track. That is exactly what RBB Economics did.

From our Blueprint workshop we will then help you to define your proposition and create a tone of voice that clearly defines your business and sets you apart from your competitors. We’ll provide you with a well-crafted mission statement and elevator pitch, to be used by everyone that works for the business. We’ll also show you how your messages can be applied to your web copy, press releases, annual report and social media.

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