Write relevant stuff well and Google will crawl all over it

When it comes to SEO, we know exactly what our clients are looking for. And that’s because we know exactly what Google is looking for: fresh and engaging content that meets users’ needs.

In recent years, we’ve kept a close eye on Google’s ever-evolving algorithms and how these changes are impacting search results. With the knowledge we’ve built up, we can help you produce search-engine-friendly content that works hard for your business, boosting your search engine traffic and driving awareness of your brand.

Our SEO packages include the delivery of regular, high-volume content. Our blog posts, news stories, social network updates and web copy will keep your content fresh, unique and relevant – which is exactly what web-users are looking for, which in turn keeps Google happy.

And in order to deliver maximum SEO value, we’ll ensure your copy meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Conversion
    Converts online window-shopping into transaction, directly enhancing your bottom line.
  • Viral
    Increases brand awareness and encourages readers to share content with others.
  • Organic
    Keeps your Google ranking high; fresh, relevant and purposeful content that’s less about keywords and more about strong themes and topics.
  • Education
    Shows clients/consumers exactly what you can do for them by planting seeds of curiosity and showcasing your expertise.

Optimising your online presence is critical in today’s digital world. Our SEO copywriters can help boost your search engine rankings and drive increased traffic to your site. We also understand the need for subtlety and can make your digital copy engaging and fluid as well as highly ‘visible’.

In order to understand your needs, we work with an agency partner to run a health-check on your website, to understand how effective it is and how it ranks with search engines like Google. We’ll then propose key search terms to help enhance your ranking and rewrite your content accordingly. Through these offerings, we’ll help you maximise the effect of your digital copy and online activity and ultimately convert traffic into revenue.

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