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A diverse audience. Multiple languages. Change and uncertainty.

Timing is critical in education copywriting and communications. Not only do you have to appeal to lots of different people – students, members, educators, businesses and policy makers – in a consistent and unified tone, you also have to stay on top of your marketing all year-round.

Because if your collateral isn’t timely and engaging, your competitors will snap up your audience quicker than you can say ‘matriculation’. What’s more, these days the ‘student experience’ is everything, and you need to consider every aspect of your offer – from writing textbooks and course content to accommodation to member benefits – if you want to attract new candidates and affiliates.

And with Brexit on everyone’s minds, UK institutions may need to rethink how they reach out to the European student body. Why not see how a specialist education copywriter and content team could help?

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Our specialist education writers have worked with a range of clients in the training and education sector to produce:

–    Web content
–    Email marketing copy
–    Whitepapers
–    Online course descriptors
–    Prospectus copy
–    Tone of voice guidelines
–    Key messaging, mission, vision and values

Find out more about our team of education journalists and services or contact us to speak to a member of our team.

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